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Enterprise Application Integration   

The framework that helps data flow freely between applications.


Enterprise Application Integration and Implementation  

Enterprise Application Integration in today’s world is more focused on the companies’ mission as it has become a key factor for B2B integration. Companies take various approaches to achieve their desired goals. HazenTech is helping organizations maximize their efforts through EAI and B2B integration. Small businesses looking for application and integration solutions can easily get lost in the ocean of choices, which is why we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs.

B2B Integration

Our experts help automate and optimize business processes to help them improve their external relationships and integrate processes to support these relationships.

Middleware Services

We help businesses bridge gaps between different applications, tools, and databases to provide unified services to users.

Microservices / API

Our experts deliver microservices through an application programming interface (API) and make your application more efficient to reduce your coding efforts.

Data Migration

We select, prepare, extract, and transform data and transfer it from one computer storage system.

EDI Interfaces

Our EAI services help companies engage with one another to enable effective business-to-business communication.

Manage Your Tasks Smoothly with Our Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration services help with data storage across all systems within your company, sending messages, synchronizing communication, and creating a smooth link between business applications. Companies can benefit by enhancing the user experience for their customers and team.

Increase Your Business Agility  

Businesses demand a path to digital operational excellence. It has initiated a massive backlog of demands from different stakeholders for automation. From state-of-the-art enterprise apps to old legacy systems, your business likely relies upon individual applications that need to communicate smoothly. Our services help you connect discrete enterprise applications to cut overhead costs while boosting productivity and efficiency. Moreover, Our EAI services allow organizations to identify and respond to opportunities quickly. Whether to address market shifts or management issues, our application integration can help organizations automate.  

Centralize Flows with an EAI

Our application integration services help companies to rebuild their entire software organization. This can be considered a critical crossing point giving an effective architecture for the company’s computer systems. Switching to an EAI requires a systematical assessment of the company’s effectiveness and systematic of keeping a particular software dynamic. It allows you to conduct the various mappings needed to integrate its business applications. The EAI thus organizes a set of flows that are ultimately centralized.

Deep Dive into Your Business Processes  

Our integration services help businesses open a layer of connectivity needed to compete in today’s thrift. Organizations can achieve data continuity and seamless data transfer by connecting valuable data systems and integrating them across departments. This benefits the company as a whole, not just a team or individual.  

We help companies take deep dives into business processes and thus promote intersystem collaboration. For example, integrating data from numerous online shops gives a complete knowledge of customer behavior, buying patterns, and managing their data.  

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Get Started With HazenTech Enterprise Application Integration

Our application integration solution is designed to ensure that all your tasks are managed smoothly.

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Accelerate Work Processes with EAI Integration:  

We have hired the best team to help your organization grow. Our services include integration architecture, prototypes and POC evaluation, interface development, EAI adapter for ERP integration, testing, monitoring, security compliance, and overall solution management. Our solution has changed the very foundation of systems for our partners to work more effectively and collaboratively. Companies working with us for their integration solutions adopt our suggestions and accelerate their work in all management areas. 

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Highest Quality Standards at Every Step

At HazenTech, the enterprise application integration services offer the highest quality standards. We continuously improve our EAI technology to help organizations meet the demand for effective integration and become viable solutions that deliver results per the business approach. We have a solid partnership with businesses for EAI and B2B integration and help them avoid hurdles, including cost, time, resources, competency, and many other areas that may affect the efficiency and goals of the company.

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