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Our Specialties

Here’s What Industries We Work For

Tailor-made Technology Solutions for your Industry

HazenTech is digital transformation partner for various enterprises from healthcare, high tech, financial, hospitality and legal industries. At HazenTech we empower organizations across numerous industry verticals by producing value-driven applications.

healthcare image


Improving Healthcare Outcomes

HazenTech has digitally transformed numerous healthcare facilities i.e. hospitals, clinics and skilled nursing centres that provide products and services to consumers. Some of the ares we have worked on are membership management, pre-authorization and approvals, uber for home healthcare, claims processing, encounter processing, and local and state reporting.

Our team has full command on healthcare regulatory and compliance standards i.e. HIPAA, Joint Commission, Sarbanes-Oxley and Sunshine Act Reporting.


Helping Innovators Innovate

We partner with hightech enterprises to improve operational efficiency and create value. We work in all areas of this ever-changing hightech industry.

Some of the areas we specialize in are application and system integration, complete process management, issue management, and product life cycle improvement.

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financing services

Financial Services

Developing Financial Solutions

We are proud to deliver the future of financial services today. We have digitally transformed banks and insurance companies successfully.

We have expertise in integration of different channels, SOA implementation, banking services i.e. loan processing, inquiries, deposits, and integration between core banking system and channels.

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