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Enterprises globally have now started to look for BPO service providers to digitally transform themselves. Companies need a BPO partner that is committed and collaborative in order to retain the competitive edge in the market. The team at HazenTech is highly committed to complying with the requirements given by clients and ensures that improvement is made continuously in an effective manner. Our BPO services help companies to transform their business and bring the change needed to be on the top.

BPO services offered by HazenTech are delivered with the cutting-edge technology and staffed with experts who make the right decisions based on their years of experience in handling client requirements. We make sure that efficient communication along with exclusive customer satisfaction is performed every time.

HazenTech offers a number of BPO services including:

  • Research
  • Training KB
  • Environmental Set-Up
  • QA Analysis
  • Onboarding Process

BPO Solution

HazenTech is reinventing business process outsourcing (BPO) with its intelligent operations, unmatched talent, data, AI, and human creativity. Our solution follows these steps:


The phase is about the contract between companies, the top management from HazenTech will sit with the top management. The contract will include all the terms and conditions required before starting the project.

Training KB

Once the contract is finalized, HazenTech will establish KB training unit with the client through which the training teams will get videos, slide decks, and documents related to the strategies.

Task Assignment and Prioritization

HazenTech team leader will collaborate with the client’s manager to discuss the tasks, once the tasks are completed by HazenTech team it will be reviewed by the client’s manager. Our team leader will be responsible for oversighting the processing team and collaborating with the QA analyst to ensure quality output.

Inquiry Meetings

Our processing associates will be in contact with the client employee to discuss any possible inquiries related to the project.

Team Structure

HazenTech team structure promotes healthy team coordination by ensuring a smooth division of tasks that are verified and quality checked by QA before reporting to the team lead.

Our Team Lead Responsibilities

Our team leaders will be responsible for onshore communication, task assignment and prioritization, reporting, training, handling escalations, and processing.

Our Processing Associate Responsibilities

Processing associates will be responsible to perform the duties as assigned by the team lead and reviewed by the client’s manager.

QA Analyst’s Responsibilities

Our QA analysts will be responsible for developing QA plan, checking output for quality, reporting to team lead about any existing or imminent quality issues, and processing.

Onboarding Process

A well-defined onboarding process ensures a smooth induction, as it takes less time to get people on board and allow them to be productive quickly.

Environmental Setup

In the first phase, we will set up credentials, email workspace, and access required to the resources to fully start their journey.

Training KB

The next phase includes training about the client’s policies, compliance business process introduction, introduction to the software, and solutions to adopt various circumstances.

Task Assignments

The resources will be performing training tasks, revising results with the supervisor, and adapting to the change and feedback given by the team lead.


In the last phase, the resource will be fully operational to work on the actual assignments and bring desired results as suggested by the client.
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24/7 Support

24/7 Support

No clock-in-clock-out mentalities. Your problem is our problem. That's the motto that keeps us motivated to go an extra mile to solve your problem 24/7.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want our clients to be completely satisfied with every service they hire us for. We believe job is not done until or unless the client is fully satisfied with our services.

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Top Experts

The flood of new technologies means that a single human brain can not have the knowledge of everything. That's the reason we have top quality highly experienced subject matter experts in our team.

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Fast Results

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