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Continuous Delivery at the Pace of Business

HazenTech has decade of experience in DevOps and empowers businesses with the ability to roll out enhanced business abilities continuously and smoothly. We provide DevOps consulting services with the vision to maximize business agility and minimize operational costs. We are proud to have vast DevOps delivery expertise that helps us in creating out-of-the-box tailor-made technical architecture designs for DevOps needs of our clients. We employ integrated approach that helps us in uniting all the modules necessary in implementing continuous delivery of your applications.

We assess your company’s current situation and then prioritize the next-steps to make sure that continuous delivery is fully integrated in your digital transformation initiative. We help you improve software quality, automate, adapt culture and accelerate software updates.

If you would like to assess your current DevOps implementation or develop a new customized road-map especially for your business needs, our DevOps consultants and architects are ready to help. Some of our offerings are:

  • Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Build Automation
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Automated Unit Testing
Tools and technologies used for DevOps