Top 10 back office services for law firms

As it is known back office services is contracting some particular tasks of your business to an external service provider. outsourcing provides dynamic services to law firms at cost-effective rates. Further, support providers have long-range experience in providing legal assistance. They have a well-qualified and experienced team that has in-depth legal knowledge. This assists attorneys to focus more on the core competencies and effective legal processes.

Customizable Support services:

These are the custom-buildable projects carry out for legal professionals or law firms. Moreover, support services offer various reliable services including Data processing, Email processing, case e-filing, Demand letters, Check request, Case review, etc.

They provide efficient and dependable services without spending many costs. Therefore, an outsourcing company is an effective information technology-enabled service (ITES) that assures compliance and security.

Benefits of hiring a Back office support:

Benefits of support services

These solutions help law firms to preserve their resources, due to which they outsource their particular tasks to the back office. Likewise, back office services offer agile and cost-effective services to help enterprises save expenditures with quality output pledges. Law firms plump for these services to conserve time, cost, and staffing.

Services provided by Back office services?

Support services provide daily reporting transparency. These services help in releasing the workload and seamless business processes of the attorneys. Some are briefly described as following:

1. Legal Case Correspondence:

Back office services provide legal correspondence to the clients by docketing the document on behalf of the client, regarding a legal issue. It provides support to the attorney in reaching a verdict. Moreover, this helps the attorneys to obtain results that are presented in the court. These results provided by the back office are always supportive to the party (the one attorney is representing).

2. Data Processing:

Data processing

It helps enterprises with data sorting, analyzing, bifurcation of data, etc. These services provide incredible back office services. Consequently, these solutions help them in sorting out data using legal case management and docketing software. It also aids legal firms in solving their legal matters efficiently and smoothly.

3. Back office services provides Legal Document Review:

BPO Services provides Legal document review

Its purpose is to know if the charge can be solved without the need for a trial. These solutions help law firms with Review procedures by going through the documents, party’s information, perform calculations, type comments on whether the case should be dismissed or not and this helps the attorneys in establishing a verdict.

4. Legal Data Entry:

Legal data entry

Cost is obtained by using designated formulas. Also, The back office services manually extract and adds data value in the spreadsheet for current cases. In addition, this assists law firms in case management and saves time. Moreover, they add all the data of the cases in the client’s profile (CP) with the relevant matter number.

5. Back Office Helps in Case E-filing:

Back office services help in case e-filing

E-filing is the electronic filing of legal papers and is done on daily basis. Subsequently, they help in e-filing with the compact understanding of law-associated documents. Additionally, this saves time, provides faster services, and better data storage. Moreover, it reduces the foot traffic in courts as an attorney does not need to physically visit the court. He can get quality e-filing services virtually from a support services provider.

6. Assistance in Document Merging:

document merge

BPO services collect and analyze data items and produce significant information in accordance with the client’s desire in chronicle order. Further, it helps to store information conveniently and saves time and effort for the attorney. They provide high-quality secure services at an economic rate.

7. Back Office Services Offer Email Processing:

Email processing

Support services process tons of emails every day in Clients Profile (CP) with efficiency and quality assurance. They review many documents of different cases this assist attorney in easy data access. It saves the time of law firms in a way that they can invest their concentration more on their core activities.

8. Gmail & Outlook:

Gmail and outlook

Attorneys allocate mails to the Litigation support. They process it and sort out data. Following that, they assign it to the relevant reviewer and make a proper file. Into the bargain, it assists law personal in a way that makes it easy for them in data collection along with the right name. However, this is usually time-sensitive but it helps in solving a case. Support services providers process more than 500 emails on daily basis.

9. Demand Letter Responses:

Demand letter response is drafted when you receive a demand letter either from the attorney or another party. It is sent to demand if you owe any amount to them.  Lawyers send demand letters for usually all sorts of reasons but mostly it demands payment. BPO Services providers manage the complete process of demand letters with a well-defined and detailed explanation. It has a dexterous team of extensive legal knowledge that carry out all the process effectively.

10. Pre-trail Calendaring:

pre-trail calendaring

Litigation support provides attorneys and lawyers with scheduling and rescheduling calendar meetings, considering their instructions, convenience and availability. When the back office calendar a meeting, attorneys instantly receive a confirmation mail and notification. Without any effort attorneys get their meeting scheduling task done. Moreover, they provide efficient calendering that leads to more efficient business processes. services Besides, they provide timely services while maintaining accuracy.

In a nutshell:

Companies adopt support services to increase the efficiency and productivity of their firms so, they can concentrate on the core operations of the business without the burden of non-core tasks constraint. Hence, these services help to increase the flexibility and reduce the turn-around time of a firm which brings about ambitious growth and competitiveness.

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