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Case Study

Business Operations Setup with Azure, Office 365 & DevOps

Business Operations Setup with Azure, Office 365 & DevOps-

Industry: Law

Solution: Cloud Enablement

The Client

Throughout Florida & New Jersey, Ged Lawyers, LLP and its staff of professionals help victims of personal injury and natural disaster recover compensation for harm caused by negligence, misconduct or an insurance company’s unreasonable behavior. As a full-service law firm, it helps its clients and their legal needs, with proficiency in a broad range of fields.

Business Challenge

Ged Lawyers operates across Florida through various offices in east and west coast of Florida and New Jersey. they have ten’s and hundreds of employees working across Florida and New Jersey offices, they have custom build core business application that requires maintenance and updates very frequently due to nature of business they must keep on top of new law’s and statues while innovating on improving the process constantly keep operations cost down by enhancing core business application named Inspire.

Cost of managing IT operations in all these offices is very high if done in traditional way. There are regulatory requirements how data is managed and moved as there is PHI information involvement.

Challenge is to keep IT cost down, ensure data security while maintaining very efficient operations. Run DevOps that includes change management, auto builds, automated testing etc.

Tools & Technologies
  • Azure Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)
  • Microsoft RDS Services
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Backup and Site Recovery
  • AD, ADFS and Azure AD
  • Microsoft SQL Server(SSAS,SSRS,SSIS)
  • Microsoft Team Services
  • Microsoft .NET (MVC, EF6, Visual Studio 2018)
Realized Benefits
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability
  • Full compliance with HIPAA requirements
  • Low capital investment and operational costs
  • On demand scalability
  • Secure communication via TLS encryption
    Out of the box tracking and monitoring
  • Better business insight with real time reporting
Solution & Approach

Here is our cloud enablement case study, where we evaluated multiple solutions. Our team proposed Microsoft Azure Cloud and Office 365 as platforms to set up various services for IT operations. These perfectly fit the Client’s budget and time to market, meet HIPAA compliance requirements and take all business challenges head-on.

The solution we provided was to setup Remote desktop services that enable employees to have a consistent experience from anywhere, ADFS & AD for single sign-on and corporate authentication/authorization, Print Services, Update Services, Antivirus Services, Web App, Database are setup on Azure Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) and setup Email and Office Products using O365 configured with ADFS to enable single sign-on O365 and help enforce group policies.

VPN Connectivity with various office locations was set up using high throughput firewalls to enable secure communication between offices (Desktops, Printer n Scanners, File Servers, Local DCS) and Azure.

The Client is better placed when all tools are available under one umbrella For DevOps. We have set up Team Services TFS as version control for Core Business applications developed & maintained in-house, set up auto builds with continuous integration, and build verification through MS Test & units to build effective DevOps operations.


Technical resources from HazenTech completed the implementation within 1.5 months, within budget, and within the client-mandated deadline. The solution is very efficient and adaptive, given the business agility the Client was looking for. IT support staff is less than required to support data center operations. A fully integrated delivery pipeline from Source control, Unit testing, Integration testing, and delivery provided excellent continuity. We were able to achieve faster updates to the Inspire Application. By utilizing Azure IaaS for all the components, we could also keep the initial investment recurring operational costs low.

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