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Case Study

Business Operations Setup with Azure, Office 365 & DevOps


Industry: Law

Solution: Cloud Enablement

The Client

Throughout Florida & New Jersey, Ged Lawyers, LLP and its staff of professionals help victims of personal injury and natural disaster recover compensation for harm caused by negligence, misconduct or an insurance company’s unreasonable behavior. As a full-service law firm, it helps its clients and their legal needs, with proficiency in a broad range of fields.

Business Challenge

Ged Lawyers, operating across Florida and New Jersey with multiple offices, faced the challenge of managing a large workforce and a custom-built core business application called Inspire. With frequent updates required to stay compliant with evolving laws and regulations, they needed to keep IT costs down while ensuring data security and maintaining efficient operations. The complexity was further amplified by the involvement of PHI (Protected Health Information) data, requiring adherence to strict regulatory requirements.

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