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Business Process Outsourcing

We are the fastest-growing service provider in the US you can rely on! 


Drive Efficiency, Flexibility, and Higher Performance

HazenTech believes in delivering reliable business process outsourcing services and helping companies focus on core competencies. We create a tailored support package that can work for your present and future business goals.  

We offer a best-in-class service to you at cost-effective rates and optimize processes to make workflow faster, easier, and more efficient while reducing your outsourcing costs by as much as 50%. 

We also provide timely consultation on your future necessities. By communicating our knowledge of the best approaches, practices, and the latest industry insights, we help your business plan one step ahead of competitors. 

Litigation Support Services

We help maintain databases, review documents, send demand letters, data entry, case filing, depositions and much more.

Data Entry

We extract raw data and enter all the bill amounts, CPT codes, and paid amounts in an excel sheet.

Virtual Assistance Services

Our virtual assistant can handle different tasks for your business so that you focus on more revenue-generating operations.

One Solution for All BPO Problems

Many businesses are now opting to outsource their tasks to reap the benefits. We comprehensively manage the business, so you can prevent the headaches of recruiting and managing an in-house team with high investment. Working with a BPO service provider like HazenTech is a great way to help your business grow and scale. 

Improve Outcomes in Non-Core Processes

When you outsource, you are working with experts in that respective industry. It is a non-core operation for your business yet a core function for the outsourced company. We infuse top-notch technology and resources to take care of the outsourced tasks effectively. 

Boost Business & Productivity

HazenTech aims to help you run and grow your business. We help automate business processes and comply with the best techniques and technology to eliminate human error, reduce bottlenecks, and improve accuracy and quality. 

Achieve Business Objectives

HazenTech has industry experts that provide free, economic, and reliable consultation. We guarantee success and enable a digital environment with our rigid process. We help you gain a competitive edge and desired ROI by offering top-level services. 

Litigation Support Services
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Accelerate business operations by working with our experienced outsourcing team.

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Digital Transformation – A vital shift

We reinvent how an organization uses technology, resources, and processes to hunt for new business models. We alter traditional and non-digital business processes and services to meet the advanced market and customer expectations. 

HazenTech drives innovation, keeping you ahead of your competition by completely transforming how businesses manage and operate digitally .

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Quality Is Our Top Priority

When you hire HazenTech and invest your scarce economic resources, you can be confident of having nothing less than the highest quality of service from us. We make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the outcome.  

Discover how we can help your business grow and reach a new height of success. 

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Our Business Process Outsourcing Testimonial

“We are thrilled to partner up with HazenTech, which they proved as the top litigation support services in the United States. They have been a delight to work with. They are all incredibly responsive, and it’s clear that they have well-established workflows and that your teams all communicate well internally. We also appreciate that you look for confirmation and clarification on all nuances since (as we all know in this business) it is all too easy to make assumptions that end up not being correct. It’s a pleasure working with HazenTech.”



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We move medium to large sized enterprises from ordinary to extraordinary. Please feel free to browse through some of our favorite client stories.