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Enterprise Application Integration & B2B Integration

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Enterprise Application Integration and Implementation

Enterprise Application Integration in today’s world is more focused on the companies’ mission as it has become a key factor for B2B integration. Companies take various approaches to achieve their desired goals. HazenTech is helping organizations maximize their efforts through EAI and B2B integration. Small businesses looking for application and integration solutions can easily get lost in the ocean of various choices, which is why we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs. 

Our Expertise

We have hired the best team to help your organization with integration architecture, prototypes and POC evaluation, interface development, EAI adapter for ERP integration, testing, monitoring, security compliance, and overall solution management. Our solution has changed the very foundation of systems for our partners to work more effectively and collaboratively. Companies working with us for their integration solutions adopt our suggestions and accelerate their work in all management areas. 

At HazenTech, the enterprise application integration services provided are as per the highest quality standards. We continuously improve our EAI technology to help companies meet the demand for effective integration and become the viable solution that delivers results as per the business approach. We have a solid partnership with businesses for EAI and B2B integration and help them avoid hurdles, including cost, time, resources, competency, and many other areas that may affect the efficiency and goals of the company. 

Why choose us? 

Enterprise Application Integration services help with data storage across all systems within your company, sending messages, synchronizing communication, and creating a smooth link between business applications. Companies can benefit by enhancing the user experience for their customers and team. Moreover, our integration solution is designed to ensure that all tasks are managed smoothly. Our services include:

  • EAI Integration
  • B2B Integration
  • Middleware Services
  • Microservices / API
  • Data Migration
  • EDI Interfaces
Tools and technologies used for EAI & B2B Integration
Success Stories
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Benefits Inquiry Solution with Azure Logic Apps

Case Study

HazenTech takes pride in the state-of-the-art solutions we deliver to our valuable clients from mid-sized to large enterprise level companies. Over the last few years, HazenTech has provided innovative digital transformation solutions that actually shows how we were able to bring positive change to our customers.

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