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Case Study – Legal Data Management

Real-World Implications and Success Stories in Our Legal Data Management Case-Study

Case Study - Litigation Support Services


Legal Counsel and Representation regarding Construction Law issues.


  • Legal documentation drafting
  • Email handling and processing
  • Pre-Trial Calendaring

The Client

Friedman Legal, a construction law firm based in Florida, specializes in representing various stakeholders in the construction industry, including owners, associations, contractors, subcontractors, and design professionals. With a focus on safeguarding clients’ rights and interests, the firm navigates a broad spectrum of construction law matters, from contract negotiations to dispute resolution and litigation. Their extensive experience encompasses diverse issues such as bond disputes, lien foreclosures, bid protests, defects, and delay claims. 


  • Immense Backlog: Friedman Legal struggled with a significant backlog of tasks, leading to delays in critical processes.
  • Desk Work Challenges: Desk work organization challenges were resulting in difficulties while managing tasks.
  • Weather-Induced Workload Surge: Natural calamities, particularly adverse weather conditions in the previous year, resulted in an unprecedented surge in Friedman Legal’s workload.
  • Deadline Challenges: The firm was falling behind on crucial deadlines related to mediation, hearings, court document filing, and billing, impacting their overall efficiency.


  • Quick Implementation: HazenTech swiftly assumed control, adjusting work timings to establish a three-hour daily overlap with the client within a week.
  • Workflow and Process Improvements: After understanding Friedman Legal’s procedures, we suggested and implemented workflow and process enhancements to streamline operations.
  • Document Drafting Expertise: HazenTech efficiently drafted various court documents, including Complaints, Production Requests, Subpoenas, Depositions, and special requests.
  • Email Domain Management: Taking charge of the email domain, we effectively filed and billed daily pleading documents for Friedman Legal.
  • Pre-Trial Calendaring: We synchronized hearings and deadlines with Friedman Legal’s calendar, ensuring timely and organized management of crucial dates.


HazenTech successfully streamlined Friedman Legal’s workflow, clearing backlogs and positioning them competitively. The introduction of a task board with prioritized tasks and deadlines simplified task management. Timely completion of critical assignments ensured Friedman Legal met all deadlines for court documents, depositions, mediations, and hearings. This operational enhancement not only improved efficiency but also contributed to client growth for Friedman Legal.

About HazenTech

HazenTech stands as a premier driver of innovation, offering transformative IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services tailored to a spectrum of industries including legal practice. Our core focus is on providing seamless solutions that add real value for our customers. 

Make legal process outsourcing simple for sustainable business growth!

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