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Case Study – Bookkeeping Services

Account payables and process corporate credit card expenses.

underwater mechanix case study

Industry: Commercial diving and marine construction contractor

Solution: Bookkeeping

The Client

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Underwater Mechanix (UMX) is a commercial diving company serving maritime communities with a specialty in heavy marine construction. UMX provides a wide range of services, which include Marine Construction & Engineering, Diamond Wire Saw Cutting, Emergency Response & Salvage, Diving Services, and Marine Fabrication Services. These services are provided by a dedicated staff including Commercial Diving Supervisors, Erosion Control Specialists, Certified Welder Fabricators, Certified Diving Paramedics, ROV Technicians, NCCCO Certified Crane Operators, Certified Bridge Inspectors, and more.

Business Challenge

The client faced problems closing the monthly accounts on time and had a massive backlog of payables and unrecorded credit card transactions. So, the accounting books could not reflect an accurate picture at the end of the month, and several bits of information were missing from the data already entered into the accounting system. Another challenge was the shortage of staff to complete the highly demanding work.

  • Cost-effective access to finance and accounting expertise
  • Avoid turnover and time-off issues
  • Helped to save time for the business
  • Helped to gain the flexibility to meet business objectives
  • Ensured greater efficiency and profitability
Solution & Approach

HazenTech evaluated the client’s multiple ongoing processes and performed critical analysis to sort out viable solutions on each level. The solutions we provided included process improvement by eliminating the complex and inefficient procedures in place, causing a delay in the flow of information. Instead, we came up with more efficient methods to keep the information flow steady toward the end user. We designed several worksheets, forms, approval levels and repeated follow-ups with stakeholders to ensure the end user receives the information in the minimum required time.


HazenTech was able to clear out the backlog work of the client efficiently and developed a workflow to enable UMX to perform their bookkeeping on time.

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