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Case Study – Litigation Support services 

Case-Sensitive Data Management for PIP Law Firm

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Industry: PIP Law Firm

Solution: Litigation Support

The Client

Shuster & Saben is the leading law firm in Florida in PIP claims for medical professionals. Shuster & Saben has been counseling to more published orders and opinions in favor of medical providers than any other firm in the history of the PIP statute.

With offices statewide, Shuster & Saben is close to medical professionals in every community in Florida, with proven results in getting doctors paid on PIP claims. Their unique relationship with doctors statewide also makes them a leader in Personal Injury Protection. Whether it’s representing medical professionals or the accident victims they treat, their experience always takes advantage.

Business Challenge

Shuster & Saben, a large firm dealing with personal injury protection (PIP) statute cases, faced a significant challenge in managing their large volumes of case-sensitive data. As their client base grew, so did the amount of work that came their way. They needed to handle each case with utmost attention to detail and accuracy, and any mistake in calculations or missing information could result in significant losses.

One of the most significant challenges for the firm was converting all their hard copies of data into digital formats. The sheer volume of data made this task daunting and time-consuming. However, they recognized the importance of this process and its potential benefits in terms of efficient data management.

The firm was committed to delivering timely verdicts for its clients and could not afford to miss any deadlines. Therefore, they had to streamline their processes and ensure that they had the right tools and technologies to handle their data effectively.

Despite the challenges, Shuster & Saben had established a solid reputation in the industry, and they were determined to maintain their position by providing exceptional service to their clients. They recognized the importance of investing in the right resources and technologies to manage their data effectively, and they were willing to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve.

  • HazenTech’s solution enabled Shuster & Saben to attract more clients and grow their business
  • The solution ensured smooth monitoring and control of data, resulting in increased revenue as more cases reached verdicts
  • All scheduled hearings and deadlines were met, preventing delays that could have led to the loss of clients
  • Our approach allowed Attorneys to focus on the growth of the firm, exploring new opportunities and expanding their client base
  • The solution streamlined Shuster & Saben’s operations and helped maintain its position as a leader in the industry.
Solution & Approach

HazenTech provided a comprehensive solution to help Shuster & Saben manage their case-sensitive data effectively. Our team of professionals took over the responsibility of email handling and processing, demand letter creation, response association, and payment reviews. We ensured that all tasks were completed before the start of the next day, and regular communication with the client helped us prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

To maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data, we worked on a remote system set up by the client, and all updates were implemented through daily meetings with the client. We cleared the backlog of hard copies by importing scanned copies of previous documents and associating them with relevant cases. We also assisted Paralegals in finding any missing documents and files of high importance.

Our approach helped Shuster & Saben go paperless and prevent data loss while ensuring that no duplicate cases were created. With our support, Shuster & Saben was able to send over 1000 demand letters on a weekly basis and maintain their position as a leader in the industry.


Our experts managed and completed pre-litigation objectives, including opening new cases, preparing, and sending demand letters, and sorting incoming documents during litigation.

Our timely completion of tasks prevented the prolongation of cases, and our analytical approach assisted the Attorneys in reaching a verdict and focusing on new cases. The Miami, Naples, and Orlando teams ran operations more smoothly, and in-house staff could work on highly sensitive projects without being burdened by the volume of data.

Overall, our solution provided Shuster & Saben with the tools and resources they needed to manage their data effectively, maintain client confidentiality, and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

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