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Litigation Support Services Assist in each Phase of Lawsuits

Litigation support services are essential assistance for the growth of law firms regardless of their scale and size. However, it is more beneficial for small and medium-size firms that may not necessarily have many resources at their disposal all the time. The back office services can take up essential cases or extensive projects at any provided time with concise notice. Essentially, they have a substantial number of trained teams to take on any volumes.

Litigation services assist each phase of lawsuits, from the pre-trial until the final verdict. Moreover, some specific tasks are complex and fall outside the domain of expertise and demand help to organize, interpret, and present them to enable the court judges to understand.

Therefore, it is suggestible for small and medium law firms dealing with complex legal cases such as deposition of several witnesses, document review, demand letters, digitalization of data, email processing, lack of time in preparing the strategy of the case etc.


Litigation Support Services helps Pre-Trial Process:




In legal proceedings, legal discovery is the pre-trial process in which both parties can get the evidence from the opposite party to the lawsuit. It includes depositions, interrogatories, requests for admissions, etc.

It occurs outside the court where both the parties can dialogue and write information, sitting in a deposition session. But, if the parties can’t see eye to eye on what should be delivered in discovery, a judge may have to intrude to resolve the conflict. Interrogatories are also a set of questions and are also a part of written discovery. It is sent to get answers from one party to another under oath.

Legal discovery plays an influential role in the case settlement or reaches the summary judgment after the discovery that withdraws further costs and liabilities. Litigation support providers have the expertise to work on the complete discovery process. In addition, they possess the resources and specialists to take on any task and provide the best services to the client.


Litigation Support Services Help in Legal Document Review:




It is a significant and labor-intensive part of litigation proceedings. Legal document review includes analyzing and choosing documents relevant to a particular case. Moreover, it requires a review of a large chunk of documents, which are not organized. It is very challenging to review documents for their relevancy because the case time is an essential factor. Attorneys have to go through every document and check it correctly.

Attorneys have a sheer volume of documents and time constrain; due to that, there is a probability of missing out on important information related to the case. Here litigation support services come into play. They have an extensive team that reviews all the documents with accuracy, proficiency, and missing relevant information.


Demand Letter Drafting Support:




Litigation support services help in drafting a demand letter to the law firms. They present details and facts about the incident and its consequence to convince the insurance adjuster to provide fair compensation to the plaintiff. In addition, it contains speculations and a detailed summary about why the defendant is liable and what injuries or damages could be presented. Litigation support providers take all the hassle of gathering documents like medical records, calculate the damages, financial loss, etc.

It’s a legal letter for settlement agreements and is drafted before filing a lawsuit. First, the judge summons the parties to investigate the probabilities of settlement before the trial. Moreover, the judge also explores each party’s case with the attorneys. Subsequently, the parties may decide to settle the case than risk going to an expensive and lengthy trial.


Need Support in Every Legal Phase?


HazenTech offers litigation support services that help clients in specific ways and at various levels of the litigation process. For example, it reduces the stress of going through enormous paperwork and its management, saves costs and increases productivity. It also assists in data handling, speedy disposal of cases, reduces human errors and flaws. Further, HazenTech can manage extensive work with excellent quality, reliability at highly competitive prices, timely delivery, and expertise in the field of law.

Get in touch with HazenTech or visit our website for more details of our services at www.hazentech.com.

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