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Business Intelligence Solutions in COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has transformed almost all aspects of how we function and do business. Companies have been swiftly modifying how they access data to increase the value of the data to compete in today’s world. 

Businesses are switching to remote work policies, and 77% of people believe they work more productively working remotely. Companies that have already invested in Business Intelligence have had a much simpler transition from the office to remote work. 

Business intelligence solutions have a clear edge over the competition as they already have a tool in place that enables them to acclimate to an unpredictable situation. 

Data collection has grown significantly, which has led to an increasing trend in business intelligence practice. Companies are going beyond to understand and illustrate their data. Businesses getting started with BI can ease their way into these specialized platforms to compete in the growing trend toward dedicated platforms for BI. 

However, an unexpected global pandemic has caused businesses to change their plans and re-evaluate their current strategies. Organizations that have invested in Business Intelligence continue to remain constant and competitive. 

Let’s jump into the perks BI solutions provide in crises situation: 

Re-evaluate New Strategies:


BI solutions allow your business to dive into a more comprehensive cloud strategy. Migrating other systems to the cloud can streamline many data processes, reduce costs, and allow remote work without relying on an on-premises system. 

Further, multiple systems have the potential to integrate with your chosen BI platform, making it even simpler to put data into one place and gain insights. 

Data Quality:


Business intelligence solutions help businesses organize data efficiently. It provides extensive insights on financial and operational data, automating reporting, improving decision making, and saving costs. 

Data warehouses combined with BI tools provide better data aggregation and processing. 

Enhance Business Capability 


BI solutions can help companies in several industries to improve their operational efficiency by implementing the latest BI tools and technologies. BI and reporting solutions help to gather insights on user behavior and other data. 

Business Intelligence solutions Compress Time to Decision:

With BI, data is always available to you. You can instantly see any variations and trends as they happen. It provides you the information you want to make decisions at any time, as data analytics makes decision-making five times faster for businesses. 

Moreover, it increases your business efficiency and agility. 

Business Intelligence Solutions Increase Sale


COVID-19 has disrupted the business globally and affected sales and revenues. Yet, Business intelligence solutions can be an essential asset to an organization’s sales in any circumstances.  

It provides access to up-to-date reports that identify sales trends, customer preferences, new markets and re-evaluate accordingly.  

Enhance Business Growth:


BI solutions help companies tackle challenges using technology to help you gain the highest growth and revenue. It assists you in the best way to get maximum value from implementing business intelligence software. It is expected that the business intelligence market will grow to $33.3 billion by 2025 globally. 

 It also allows you to increase business efficiency, control data quality and customization capacities.  

Risk Management:


BI solutions support companies to control risk compliance and make data-driven decisions. The BI tools can monitor fraudulent user behavior and identifying suspicious patterns. BI services provide predictive analytics solutions to make accurate foresight of market demands and aim to decrease various risks. 

In a Nutshell: 

Many businesses have adopted work from home policy. The demand for real-time data and data visualization tools is needed more than ever before. 

It also helps to expedite gathering data and provides better control over both information and how they inspect it. It has help businesses to consider remote work the “new normal.” 

Furthermore, business prosperity depends on making informed decisions. Companies prioritizing business intelligence solutions in a crisis can reap better employee performance, business efficiency, and customer satisfaction benefits. 

Covid-19 is forcing businesses to make quick decisions to stay one step ahead. HazenTech helps you deal with all your business processes and increasing your competitive edge. We transform companies even in a pandemic situation to improve more effective business strategies. 

If you want us to support your company’s growth and increase productivity, contact us for free consulting or visit www.hazentech.com to learn more about our services. 

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