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All You Need To Know About Litigation Support Services

Preparing for a complicated trial can be a draining process for lawyers. Litigation support services assist lawyers in overcoming the long and arduous challenges of taking a complicated case to trial. Lawyers need assistance in addressing many intricacies to follow the rules of the court proceedings. At times, even attorneys take months to gather evidence, shaping the legal arguments and preparing to present the case to the court.  

In such situations, the tiring work of other supporting services needs to be outsourced. This is where Litigation support services by HazenTech assist attorneys by helping them prepare for trial. 

Litigation Support Services By HazenTech Explained:

Litigation Support Services By HazenTech Explained

Businesses or professionals often rely on litigation support services to aid trial preparation. This umbrella term of litigation support includes various services and is mostly used in preparing for complex litigation. HazenTech takes immense pride in all of its following litigation support services:

  • eDiscovery: Online technologies have simplified fulfilling many discovery requests. Litigation support specialists at HazenTech are often asked to create and run tools to categorize and sort case evidence. Our highly skilled professionals have great knowledge regarding discovery strategies and methods. 
  • Drafting: HazenTech alleviates some of the pressure from law firms by drafting all of the documents involved in litigation. This helps lawyers focus on the more technical side of trial preparation. Our drafting services include full drafting or creating templates that can be used repeatedly. 
  • Document Review: Document reviewing is the flip side of drafting. HazenTech offers review services to attorneys by reviewing documents for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, incorrect citations, or vague language. 
  • Research: Legal cases need specialized research, and at times attorneys may not find their research skills equally efficient for the task. Thus, outsourcing these litigation support services save time for the lawyers and improves the quality of the research.  
  • Subpoena and Citation Service: Our litigation support professionals at HazenTech are specialized in subpoena and citation service. Outsourcing subpoena and citation services mean asking a 3rd party to take care of serving hard-to-find parties and ensuring timely and legal assistance. HazenTech can take plenty of pressure off the attorneys while handling their cases. 
  • Record Retrieval: Discovery of large amounts of legal documents, especially when it involves occasionally retrieving records from an agency, can be frustrating and tedious for the attorneys. Our skilled professionals are known for smoothly retrieving records from certain agencies.  
  • Technology Access: At times, handling a case may involve dealing with advanced software to cater to certain aspects such as research, forensic accounting, and other electronic databases.HazenTech has all the technological access that a trail handling Litigation support provider agency must have. 

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Types of Litigation Support Professionals:

The Advantages of Hiring Litigation Support

Client Support Staff: More often than not, clients run into issues as they approach litigation. HazenTech hires professionals who specialize in assisting clients in understanding each step, be it clarification on a discovery request or some software help. Our client support staff guides the clients as they navigate litigation and ensures that the attorneys are not distracted by their queries and concerns. Since this support staff is highly trained in consumer relations, they can prioritize issues at the run time. 


If you are a law firm that tackles complicated litigation, you know how invaluable asset litigation support services are. Litigation support services at HazenTech offer various services, including the ones mentioned above. HazenTech helps law firms who are struggling to meet the trial deadlines.

Everyone at HazenTech is a specialist in their respective domain and has vast experience. Litigation support services by HazenTech assist attorneys by helping them prepare for the case by taking over the tedious work related to court trials. Ask any legal expert, and they will tell you that adding litigation support services to a law firm’s budget can prove to be their best investment. Our ultimate goal is to ensure infrastructure to serve our clients better.

No matter how hard your team works, if you want to create a more profitable law firm hire a litigation support provider like HazenTech. Very soon, you will realize that every single day, your lawyers have become more efficient at getting their routine work done by outsourcing extensive and complex litigation work.

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