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Rediscovering Strategic Shift: An Insight into Outsourcing Support Functions in the Caregiving Industry

Outsourcing support functions in the care industry, particularly in elderly care and nursing, has become an increasingly popular strategy for healthcare providers. This strategy offers a range of benefits, both from a business perspective and in terms of enhancing the core focus upon quality of care provided to patients. Here are a few salient advantages that add quantifiable value for the Caregiving service providers in terms of customer satisfaction and better profitability.

Access to Specialized Talent:

Outsourcing non-core business functions including back-office operations allows caregiving facilities to leverage a pool of specialized skills and knowledge that may not be available in-house. Specialized outsourcing partners develop a long-term association with companies bearing all training and development costs that is a substantial cost if the health care service provider bears it itself. A recent article published by McKinsey & Company highlighted opportunities for non-for-profit organizations in the healthcare industry to access quality resources by outsourcing support functions. The study highlights that, “public health system leaders can pursue opportunities to outsource or automate specific services.” This enables them flexibility in terms of better managing their revenue cycle.

Impeccable service Quality:


According to a recent report published by McKinsey & Company about optimal outsourcing strategies. The estimated total size of BPO industry worldwide was 230 billion dollars in 2023. Outsourcing mainly involves customer service roles like call centers and back-office tasks in claims, payments, finance, and procurement. From 2016 to 2020, a study of 53 business process outsourcing deals, part of a larger pool of over 200, showed a significant rise in digital components (like social media, analytics, and cloud technology), nearly doubling in this period. Digital services grew from 30% to 70% of total contract value, with nearly half of new deals featuring digital elements. This trend reflects growing customer demand for digital services, and widespread adoption of specialized remote teams.

Cost is not the only consideration:


Business process outsourcing is a strategic decision that can add real value in terms of revenue growth and more satisfied customers, especially in the caregiving industry. A recent study by McKinsey & Company reveals that weak sourcing partners, especially from platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer can save costs in the short-term but can have risks of unreliable commitment and long-term association with business. Consequently, translating into weaker business performance and reduction in customers base. Businesses can leverage highly skilled partners whose developed HR systems and technical capabilities are advanced and more robust to improve the overall satisfaction index of customers.

Specialization is the way forward:

Experienced outsourced partners bring a rich range of specialized capabilities which can increase the performance of business many folds. With their experience in handling outsourced work, these specialized partners can help businesses by providing top talent and reliable systems. They implement detailed processes and procedures for onboarding, work training, task allocation, tracking, reporting, and quality control. At HazenTech, we recruit the best talent from top universities, and take them through a rigorous training period. We have a robust system of quality assurance where dedicated team members vouch for accuracy and quality of delivery. Furthermore, we pay special focus on the continuous learning and development of our talent, fostering skill upgradation through workshops, funded courses and skill evaluations. We provide dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators enabling a seamless reporting mechanism.  

Reshaping the entire Journey:

Outsourcing has become a complex decision involving multiple factors to be considered and cost is the only aspect of cardinal importance. Companies nowadays are focusing upon end-to-end Journey mapping and customer lifetime value analysis. BPO partners with technical muscle can add sustainable value for the partner companies enabling a tangible value addition scenario. 

Key performance indicator-based approach:

Dedicated outsourcing partners can help enable caregiving service providers to leverage a targeted business strategy. The most important critical considerations are customer satisfaction and quality of service. Quality BPO strategic partners can use technical acumen and business insights to identify the pain points of partners. Subsequently the dedicated team of seasoned professionals developed a structured road map solving the most chronic problems.

Flexibility and Scalability:

The care industry often experiences fluctuations in demand, and outsourcing provides the flexibility to scale services up or down as needed. This adaptability is particularly beneficial in managing unexpected surges in patient numbers, such as during a health crisis. A report by Deloitte on healthcare trends noted that outsourcing allows care providers to adjust quickly to changing market dynamics without the burden of maintaining a large in-house staff. 

Risk Management

Dependable outsourcing partners can mitigate the risk of unprecedent variables, especially in areas where specialized knowledge is required to comply with regulations and standards. For example, outsourced appointment booking, information desk or record management from a seasoned partner can ensure that it meets the legal requirements and industry standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Improved Patient Experience: 

Outsourcing customer service and appointment booking can lead to a more streamlined and pleasant experience for patients and their families. As these specialized service providers are experts in handling appointments and customer queries, they can offer quicker and more accurate responses, reducing waiting times and enhancing overall satisfaction. The Harvard Business Review notes that a positive experience in these areas can significantly impact a patient’s overall perception of the care they receive. At HazenTech our seasoned team of back-office and customer support specialists for home healthcare providers can offer a range of strategic advantages like immaculate customer services and speedy appointment booking with detailed insights to data. Our grip on the latest platforms enables our partners to leverage the latest tools and technologies to become scalable and provide the best customer services. With our team handling your non-core business functions, you can freely focus on what matters the most – patient care.