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6 Undeniable Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration is recognized as an excellent strategic significance in supporting businesses to achieve a competitive advantage. It helps you predict what your customer wants. You can innovate immediately and scale anytime according to your need. Companies are embracing EAI and are expected to reach USD 13.93 billion by 2024, recording a CAGR of 16.32% over the forecast period of 2019 – 2024.  

Application integration platform centers on the company’s ability to identify what it requires from the integration solution. Businesses should know how they want to integrate applications, systems, and data. The new technology platform like application integration provides the tools and capabilities to speed up and equip today’s agility. EAI links data, applications, and systems with partners, suppliers, clients, and even employees. 

Business operations are transforming rapidly every single day. Therefore, an organization must adopt digital trends and pick the right enterprise integration platform to improve business outcomes. 

It Increases Business Efficiency:



Do you know the worldwide enterprise applications market has a five-year compound annual growth rate recording a CAGR of 16.32% over the forecast period of 2019 – 2024?

Companies should choose application integration to eradicate the complex IT processes and settings that are no longer effective and meet today’s business criteria. It can adversely affect your business productivity; security reduces competition and increase costs.  The solution for that is you get outside integration services providers that can manage all your data exchange and centralize your business. 

In addition, they prioritize their primary customer and trading partner relationships and integrate those data flows into the internal business systems. They streamline application and data integrations to enhance customer service, offer reliable differentiation, and drive business values. 


It Can be Costly:




The problem for many enterprises is their poor integrations platforms which are inefficient and unreliable and instantly lead to unproductive services. So, if you have some application integrations in your business, it does not mean that those integrations work efficiently for you if executed poorly. It can affect your revenue and cost up to millions of dollars. However, all the work is going remotely. It is said that 1.87 billion people will be working remotely across the globe by 2022.

A reliable application integration services provider aims to rationalize your application integrations onto a particular platform to assure reliability and maintenance. Furthermore, this integration platform strengthens and streamlines the data interactions among your entire ecosystem and saves costs. 


It Enables Smooth Interconnectivity:




The enterprise application integration connects the operating systems and applications of the business. It connects customers, partners, employees, applications, methods, and other technologies within your enterprise.

Here are some commonly targeted solutions for EAI:

  1. SCM – Supply Chain Management
  2. CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  3. Business intelligence and analysis
  4. Workforce management
  5. E-commerce systems


Provides Real-Time Updates




Organizations can make sure that they are constantly up to date on the state of their business transactions with enterprise integration. As a result, enterprises gain more enhanced visibility of their operations.


Boosts Business Productivity




Complexed business communications become streamlined through an enterprise integration solution. Advanced technologies combine the data to access and understand the information they need at any given time. 


Access to Better Opportunities




EAI enhances competitive benefits and opportunities compared to the different companies functioning as competition. Enterprise integration plays a vital role in taking part. If a business has a poor IT structure, its potency decreases, and may face significant losses. 

Although, EAI technologies solve problems by improving and production increasing business efficiency. It even implies a competitive advantage. 


Looking for an Efficient Application Integration Provider?

Enterprise application integration services are fundamental to your modernization and digitalization efforts. A business that embraces enterprise integration will significantly enhance its data transfer capabilities, and client and partner connections and overcome cost errors through automated workflows. 

Businesses often assume that connecting a few applications into their enterprise data infrastructure is a hard nut to crake. Although, in today’s innovation era, you can use integration applications with minor investment and effort. Application integration supports accessible communication and coordination among multiple functions.  

HazenTech has expertise in the execution, capture, storage, maintenance, and monitoring of data. We offer cost-effective Enterprise application integration that guarantees the productivity of your business. 

For more information on how an expert, experienced, and technology partner can help streamline your integration process, visit www.hazentech.com 

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