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7 Critical Reasons to Adopt Cloud Enablement Services

Cloud enablement services have gained significant attention over the years, with job vacancies skyrocketing to over 40%.  

Companies are transferring their IT infrastructure to the cloud because of its numerous benefits.  

It pays off in the long run because of seamless business operations. It also addresses the fundamental concern of data security, backups, and quick accessibility.  

Let’s dive into the discussion a bit further and comprehend some top reasons for adopting cloud-based services. 


1. Data Security:




Data security is the topmost priority for any business choosing a cloud service provider.  

Did you know only 7% of businesses have good visibility of all critical data, and 58% say they only have a remote setup? The cloud service provider prudently monitors the safety of every file, data, and program efficiently.   

Additionally, it reduces the difficulties of data control and compliances, risk of data theft or loss and provides staff with the expertise to assess security loopholes. You get regular security patches and audits to safeguard your data. 

Your data is securely encrypted under multiple layers of encryption standards such as AES 256-bit and RSA-128 bit, making them redundant for hackers in the improbable event of data breaches.  


2. Cost-Reduction:




Small businesses are usually concerned about the pricing of cloud-based services mostly because they are bootstrapped. However, a recent survey showed almost 94% of respondents said their use of cloud services would decrease setup and maintenance costs, out of which 47% declared these costs could drop to 50%.  

It helps in easy access to your company’s data. It provides uninterrupted IT services, and the responsibility lies on the cloud service provider.  

Further, the cloud is a pay-as-you-go system, which means you only pay for the services you use. This is an extremely cost-effective measure to access your data.  


3. Instant Collaboration:



Just how many times have you had to send an email to your colleague only to find out the attachment needed revisions? Well, cloud services eliminate the need to send emails back and forth among your staff and clients. 

Additionally, employees can administer and view information through other social platforms, thus increasing engagement.


4. It Helps in Business Continuity:  




The cloud-based IT infrastructure assures business continuity as circumstances like an energy outage, natural calamities like fire, or hardware failures might harmfully influence the business operations. Cloud service providers are well-equipped to deal with various situations and work day and night tirelessly to ensure your business remains a going concern. 


5. Quality Administration:  



Inconsistent and insufficient quality data reporting is harmful to any business. This is where the cloud comes in. Every piece of data is stored in a cluster of cloud servers. It helps to eliminate human error, maintain data consistency, record updates and revisions. 


6. Data Disaster and Recovery:  




Despite having complete visibility over data, there could be numerous situations that are beyond your control. 

As per a report, cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Software (DRaaS) will be used by 59 percent of businesses by 2021. Presently, 36% of companies use this, besides 23% plan to add the technology next year.   

In today’s technology market, a tiny amount of unproductive downtime can have a significantly adverse effect. It also leads to lost productivity, brand reputation and revenue.  

Although there is no way to anticipate or prevent your company’s data disastercloud services provide a prompt response during a crisisAccording to a survey, only 20% of users reported disaster recovery in 4 hours or less.  


7. It Provides Flexibility: 



Cloud enablement services offer businesses more flexibility as compared to local servers. Instead of investing in new hardware, you can easily expand your storage space due to the pay-as-you-go system. 

This flexibility can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency, directly impacting your organization’s bottom line. 


Bottom line:  


Our cloud enablement services are secure and provide a meaningful way to improve workplace efficiency by leveraging the power of technology.  

We help you in reducing various complexities associated with an outdated server room.  

The companies adopting cloud-based services are way ahead of their competition with better access to big data. So give us a call now, and let’s discuss the possibilities together.

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