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Cloud Enablement Services

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Are You Ready to Implement Seamless Cloud Solution? 

Cloud is the ultimate future of technology! The first approach to any cloud solution is building the foundation to get a competitive edge. We ensure that your business is sustaining while meeting all the customer expectations. HazenTech, as your strategic partner, guarantees the right strategy to move your in-house data and information to the cloud efficiently.

Cloud Transition Strategy

Our cloud migration strategy makes it easier to automate and streamline data transfer from the existing storage system to the cloud. 

Custom Migration

We deliver custom cloud solutions using cloud-native development and application modernization. 

Business Continuity Plan

We ensure that your business keeps operating and your data is protected by setting a robust business continuity plan for your organization.

Conversion To PaaS

We are helping companies increase business agility and unlock the value of the PAAS cloud model.

Migration to Office 365

We migrate all your resource mailboxes to office 365. The users will have the ability to send and receive emails from users that haven’t migrated over yet.

SaaS Integration

Connect SaaS applications with on-premises software or another cloud-based app to share data freely with the other app or on-premises system.

Cloud Enablement Services as Catalyst for Digital Success

You have a business to run, employees to manage, and new products to test and deliver in the market. But you’re unable to scale fast. It’s because you’re worried more about your infrastructure and less about the bottom line-your customers. 

HazenTech takes the guesswork out of the equation by deploying innovative cloud solutions through a risk-mitigated approach with a solid security foundation from the ground up.

Agile Services

Cloud enablement services offer the ultimate solution towards successful digital transformation. Intelligent Cloud solutions provided by HazenTech allow your organization to be more agile. Add value to your cloud-enabled business and dramatically increase the time to market.

Cloud – COVID19 

It’s 2022, and COVID19 has rewritten the rules of success. Several businesses have flocked to the cloud with a structural shift toward remote and hybrid work environments. It’s time you should too! 

Supporting Remote and Hybrid Work Environment 

Gone were the days of building costly IT infrastructure. Your employees are now scattered around, some working from the comfort of their homes, others from your offices. 

In uncertain times like these, you’d want more agility and better control over how your employees work. That’s where cloud enablement services jump in to rescue your organization. 

At HazenTech, we offer cloud enablement services to transform your business targets and drive profits digitally. 

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Ensure business continuation with our cloud solutions.

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Partner with HazenTech Cloud Experts

HazenTech – Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud partner 

HazenTech is a Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud partner and takes pride in leveraging the power of the cloud for a successful digital transformation. Our strategic alliance with Microsoft has helped us address your challenges better and deliver dynamic solutions to increase your market worth. 

We also understand there is no one-size-fits-all policy. Therefore, Solution Architects at HazenTech use a tailor-made customized cloud strategy that considers all possible deployment models with minimal downtime.  

Cloud experts in our team empower companies throughout the customer journey by transforming them from expensive in-house IT to cost-effective cloud infrastructure in no time. 

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HazenTech – Your Digital Partners in Success 

Robust cloud enablement services ensure every aspect of the organization, from planning to support, is handled flawlessly. Technologies based on the cloud promote productivity and efficiency to manage your teams and decrease costs.  

With the right solution, organizations can enjoy enhanced security, boost their operations, and meet their market requirements faster than ever, which also helps them get a competitive edge. 

Our state-of-the-art digital cloud transformation of your company brings together infrastructure, security, and all business applications to maximize the potential of the cloud. 

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