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Case Study – Data Managing & Processing Services

E-filing, billing, and preparing court document drafts.

Case Study - Litigation Support Services

Industry: Legal Counsel and Representation regarding Construction Law issues.

Solution: Data Managing & Processing Services

The Client

Friedman Legal is a law firm located in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County and serves clients statewide, including North Florida, Central Florida, South Florida, and the Treasure Coast. Friedman Legal represents owners, condominium and homeowners’ associations, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, design professionals and sureties in all aspects of construction law from early on in the contract procurement process through contract negotiation, dispute resolution and litigation. Friedman Legal’s experience includes payment and performance bond disputes, construction lien foreclosures, bid protests, construction defects, delay claims, and all other construction contract disputes. Friedman Legal routinely assists clients asserting payment bond claims under Florida Statutes 713.23 and 255.05, as well as the Federal Miller Act, represents contractors, subcontractors, and sureties in performance bond claims in state and federal court and represents owners and contractors in litigation regarding defective work in mediation, arbitration, and court.

Business Challenge

Friedman Legal faced the issue of an immense backlog and lack of resources, and all the desk work was haphazard. Friedman Legal’s work reaches a high whenever any natural calamity takes place, and with the weather condition at its worst in the previous year, this year was all about business. Friedman Legal was getting way behind and could not reach its deadlines regarding mediation, hearings, court document filing and billing. 

  • Our client was able to gain more clients
  • All scheduled hearings and deadlines were met
  • The client was able to file court documents in lesser time
  •  reporting
Solution & Approach

In this bookkeeping case study, you will know how HazenTech stepped in and took control of the wheel in the quickest way possible. We changed our work timings and provided a three-hour overlap time with the client. We deeply understood their procedure and suggested and implemented improvements in the workflow and process. We drafted court documents, including Complaints, Production Requests, Subpoenas, Depositions, and special requests. We handled their email domain and filed and billed the pleading documents received daily. We also synced any hearings and deadlines with Friedman Legal’s calendar.


We initiated and resulted in creating a seamless workflow for our client. We cleared all the backlog and brought our client ahead in the game. We were able to create a task board, setting priority levels for every important task and with deadlines. This enabled a more straightforward method for our clients to assign new tasks, keep track of them, and work on assignments according to their priority. Our timely completion of tasks ensured that Friedman Legal did not miss any deadlines for submitting court documents, depositions, mediations, and court hearings. Friedman Legal was able to gain more clients with all the backlogs. 

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