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Top 7 SaaS Cloud Enablement Services Fueling Businesses

We are in the mid of 2021, and it’s hard to imagine most of the enterprises not running on the cloud. COVID19 has forced companies to adapt their business model to a more inclusive and dynamic workforce, one that leverages the true powers of the cloud. 

If the core departments of your business aren’t still on the cloud, you could be in for a surprise. SMBs are moving some or most of their projects, apps, services and infrastructure on the cloud rather than self-hosted on-premises. Agility and scalability are two primary benefits of moving to the cloud, other than being an economical option. 

Instead of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on your on-premise servers, you are just paying for the portion of your usage on the cloud. 

Your data is synced on the go, eliminating any stress of creating costly backups. 

86% of businesses that use SaaS significantly experience relatively higher employee engagement. 

It also enables companies to keep a check on their employees and drops any ground for confusion. These numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone moving to the cloud. 

SaaS cloud model is operated from a central location, so businesses don’t have to worry about managing it independently. 

Some important features of SaaS are: 

  • Dynamic scaling 
  • Complete control over cost 
  • Reduced vendor lock-in 
  • Automated operations 
  • Virtual server space 
  • GUI and API-based access 
  • On-demand and scalable 
  • Loading balancing capability 
  • Pay-as-per-use model 
  • Improved productivity of team members 

While there are numerous benefits, there is still some doubt about cloud enablement services. Several businesses are still struggling to migrate to the cloud because of high migration costs and a lack of strategy in place for proper execution. When there is a mountain of data that needs to be migrated, downtime can easily translate into increased costs that can quickly spiral out of control. Here are some of the most burning questions that businesses are often faced with:  

  1. Will cloud computing make sense for my business?
  2. How can we better ensure administrative compliance and security? How does the cloud transform our enterprise security program? 
  3. How can we apprehend the challenges of transition to cloud architecture and make the migration easier?  
  4. How can we intend and build a cloud architecture that comes in on time and with a proper budget?  
  5. How to increase productivity and grow our business? 

These essential questions must be answered confidently by reliable and experienced cloud service providers. Once these questions are addressed, we can fully reap the advantages of cloud enablement services. Here are  

Economically priced:


Cloud enablement services are charged on a per-use model with monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually subscription charges. You only pay for what you use. 

Timely updates:


On average, you’d need to update your physical servers every 3 to 5 years, which can prove to be a quite hefty investment. On the other hand, SaaS cloud service providers are liable to provide you with timely software updates that optimize your workflow. 

Backups and Data Recovery:


Losing your company’s data can become a pain in the neck and affect the bottom line. It potentially disturbs your business operations.  

Data restoration is essential functionality bundled with a SaaS service provider. 

Work Anywhere, anytime:


You can access SaaS cloud solutions from anywhere in the world. Users can access their data and operate more efficiently from anywhere. It makes life more manageable, especially in today’s WFM scenario. 



SaaS service providers have a special emphasis on security, ensuring your data is protected under multiple layers of encryption. This reduces the chances of costly data breaches and cybercriminals from getting their hands on your company’s data. 

Zero Infrastructure:


The SaaS services vendor manages and handles all the complexities underlying IT infrastructure while delivering business applications. That’s one less stress off of your Todo list. 

Parting Thoughts: 

We assist our clients in improving operational performance through a hands-on process that supports them in making data-driven decisions. Data today is worth in gold. 

Nothing is permanent but change. Eventually, sooner or later, businesses will have to move to the cloud. We’ll help you with that transition process as we understand how difficult and painful business downtime is. 

As your business grows, so does the need for new servers. That’s where true powers of scalability kick in. 

Ready for cloud enablement? Drop us a message. Consultation is always free in terms of cost and stress. Let HazenTech be your guide. 

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