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Applications And Benefits Of Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence solutions (BI) have become essential for modern-day companies. Businesses have started to believe that BI is the most gainful solution to stay competitive in the business world. Companies use data analytics and Business Intelligence to transform raw data into useful information. This information gives valuable insight into driving reliable actions for your business’s good.

This blog discusses the efficiency and impact of these data-driven decisions on your business. So, if you are looking to fine-tune the productivity of your business, read till the end.

What are Business Intelligence Solutions?


Business Intelligence solutions are a fusion of technology & strategy for collecting, processing, and interpreting data from all sources. Implementing BI solutions aims to provide analytics about some businesses’ past, current, and expected future state.

How Does Business Intelligence Work?

Businesses need to meet their set targets, and while on their road to achieving them, they need to evaluate their performances against defined goals. This performance tracking to gather and analyze the relevant data is done under the business intelligence umbrella. This helps businesses in designing data-driven strategies for the future.


We have breakdown the entire process of how Business Intelligence works in the following few steps,

  • Regular business activity generates raw data
  • Data is collected, labeled, and stored in an organized manner
  • Business analysts then draw patterns and limitations from observed data
  • Helpful information is then retrieved as per business requirements
  • Application of required Machine Learning Algorithms to find desired answers
  • Data analytics to then offer the suitable Business Intelligence Solutions

Importance Of Implementing Business Solutions With Clearer Strategy:


A more precise roadmap to implement business intelligence allows businesses to address their data problems and requirements.

A proper business intelligence strategy can be created by following these steps,

  • Creating a combination of purpose and direction
  • Defining and implementing Business Intelligence infrastructure by establishing BI governance
  • Implement data visualization by building a BI roadmap.
  • Documentation of your BI strategy.
  • Annual review of your BI strategy

However, if you fail to develop a decent strategy, this innovation can have a downside or two. Having said that, if you succeed at implementing a suitable Business Intelligence solution, its advantages will far outweigh any costs.

Benefits And Applications Of Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) helps organizations identify contemporary business trends to improve their necessary management processes under the changing business scenarios. Following are a few applications and benefits of implementing Business Intelligence solutions,

  • Effective Decisions Making
  • Sales Insight
  • Mobile Information
  • Gain competitor insight
  • Improved Business Growth and Revenue
  • Risk Management
  • Boost Business productivity
  • Comprehensive Cloud Strategy
  • Less Dependence on the IT Department
  • Improved Visibility
  • Streamlines Business Processes

Let’s briefly discuss them one by one.

  • Effective Decisions Making:

Business Intelligence offers advanced real-time reports that help companies efficiently utilize the information at hand. Business stakeholders realize the significance of using technology and data for any company’s growth. A firm understanding of business data is the key to correctly managing the business.

  • Sales Insight:


Business intelligence allows you to record and track your customers’ activity to generate maximum sales through effective marketing. Many businesses have started to use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application to control their customer interactions in the recent past. BI systems enable companies to identify new potential customers and track and engage existing ones.

A better understanding of current customer buying bents can help businesses improve their product quality. Enterprises invest in business intelligence to manufacture products that meet customers’ expectations.

Also, sales data allows businesses to better understand the needs of their customers. This helps the sales department develop more valuable strategies to spend the company budget.

  • Mobile Information

Gen Z believes that accessing the information on the go is the key ingredient to success. In this mobile age, businesses utilize various business intelligence solutions to have real-time access to relevant data from anywhere at any time. Companies can instantly notice any variations in trends as they happen. This level of data analytics helps you make your decision-making five times faster. Also, it keeps your customer engaged, but it also gives your company a competitive advantage.

  • Gain competitor insight:

Knowing your competition is as important as anything. Business intelligence gives you an insight into what your opponents are executing, letting you make informed decisions with better planning. Gaining competitor insight using BI gives you an improved understanding of the various factors that influence market trends.

The goal is to use BI to support businesses in making data-based and timely actions to beat their competitors at serving your customers better.

  • Improved Business Growth and Revenue:


Business intelligence solutions increase the return on investment and facilitate client experience and sales. BI allows you to handle the product sale or service efficiently. Understanding these contemporary business trends help companies influence the decision-making process in a fruitful way.

Hazentech allows you to recognize new market trends with the help of all the data that BI provides. If all businesses can keep up with the ever-changing market trends, it can further improve their earning margins.

Business Intelligence tools help companies analyze inefficiencies and gain maximum profit margins in terms of earnings.

  • Risk Management:

The biggest challenge that modern-day companies face is arguably their control risk compliance. BI allows you to make data-driven decisions by identifying suspicious patterns after carefully monitoring fraudulent user behavior. BI systems reduce various risks by offering predictive analytics solutions to make precise foresight of the market demands.

  • Boost Business productivity:

Business intelligence solutions have emerged as an essential tool to ensure competitiveness and potency. Hazentech uses BI solutions to boost the productivity of your resources by helping your management be informed of the daily challenges of manually trying to evaluate raw data.

BI solutions help companies identify the critical models and trends within their infrastructure. BI systems help gather a better understanding of the relationships of various organizational processes and changes for improved productivity of resources.

  • Comprehensive Cloud Strategy

Business Intelligence Solutions allow businesses to emplace a more comprehensive cloud strategy that can have many advantages,

  • Streamlining data processes
  • Reduce costs of data processing
  • Allowing remote work
  • Less Dependence on the IT Department:

Generally, the IT department of a company is already overburdened. Their primary job is to ensure the safety of the confidential company data for the entire day. Thus, businesses have stopped relying on an already stressed-out department.

Otherwise, they would have to wait for days for a single data mining and analysis request to be completed. The famous saying goes, “time is money,” If you lose time, you lose money as your competitors have already overtaken. Business intelligence tools at Hazentech allow businesses to compile and interpret the data for any meaningful insight by not depending on the IT department.

  • Improved Visibility:


Business Intelligence solutions offer companies better control over their operating systems and business processes. BI tools improve the visibility of these functions as BI solutions are applicable in all areas of an organization. This helps identify the areas of your company that need improvement.

  • Streamlines Business Processes:

The most underrated advantage of using BI tools is that they help eliminate the complexities connected with business processes. BI achieves that by automating the tiring business analytics. The fact that you do not have to do the calculations yourself and can utilize that saved time to focus on more critical decision making.

Role of Artificial intelligence in Business Intelligence


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have a bigger and better impact on business with each passing day. Consequently, organizations need to realize the significance of integrating Artificial intelligence and machine learning into their broader business strategy for their business’s survival.

At present, data visualization is an integral part of every business, and this trend will only get bigger with time. Hazentech offers Business intelligence solutions that include predictive analytics

  • Predictive Analytics:

Predictive analytics is a great tool to forecast a company’s future and design a roadmap to where the data will be and how we can save time using that information. Knowing the future and the flexibility to prepare for it are the two critical ingredients to a successful business intelligence strategy.

Top 4 Business Intelligence Processes

Regardless of the company’s size, BI intelligence systems can help your business equally. The presence of BI can go nearly unnoticed by people who depend on it, as it has been around in some form for long enough. Following are the four major BI processes that aid the transformation of raw data into fruitful business insights.

  1. Data Mining:

Data mining can be explained as analyzing huge volumes of data. Data mining not only helps businesses solve problems and reduce risks in existing operations but also opens gates to embracing new opportunities.

Data mining is an extensive process and requires expert handling for efficient results. Here are the six steps that a data mining expert has to follow to bring success to their business:

  • Understanding of Business’ raw data
  • Data refining and preparation
  • Data modeling
  • Data evaluation
  • Model deployment
  1. Data Visualizations:


BI systems help business owners understand the business without understanding the maths involved. Data Visualization transforms raw information into a graphic format for the audience to physically notice the trends. This data visualization shows whatever logical associations there exist between units.

Top BI providers like Hazentech define tendencies and patterns and represent the data in the following ways to understand it easily,

  • bar charts,
  • line graphs,
  • funnel charts,
  • pie charts, &
  • spider charts, etc.

Exact–Transfer–Load (ETL):

Business intelligence offers this process to migrate data between various sources and analysis tools. Exact–Transfer–Load (ETL) process plays a significant role in executing broader data management strategies. ETL involves three stages, and each has its requirements.


Business Intelligence dashboards are a combination of information management and data visualization solutions. BI dashboards are used to analyze your businesses’ data and are a significant part of a business intelligence strategy.

Dashboards are designed to analyze data from multiple datasets to boost business productivity. Some critical features of Business intelligence are as follows:

  • Customizable interface
  • Interactivity
  • Real-time data
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Capable of fostering collaboration

Covid 19 and business intelligence solutions:


Hazentech is the first Business intelligence solution that realized that Covid-19 had forced businesses to make prompt decisions to stay one step ahead. The goal is to ensure efficient business strategies that transform businesses even in a pandemic.

Business intelligence solutions help you deal with your daily business processes and increase your competitive edge. Lately, many businesses have adopted/allowed work-from-home (WFH) policies. This has given rise to the need for real-time data visualization tools evermore.

Companies that fail to make the forced transformation that COVID-19 asks for regarding how they function and do business are bound to die very soon. COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, and if your companies don’t adapt to the need of the hour, there will be no fast way to success.

If you believe in business intelligence even during a crisis such as a global pandemic, you are on the right path. You are soon going to reap better

  • Employee performance,
  • Business efficiency, &
  • Customer satisfaction benefits.

Future of Business Intelligence

If you are worried about investing in BI because it “may be outdated,” then you are very wrong. Business intelligence is like a rollercoaster that only knows one way: upwards! Business intelligence has evolved as per the modern business and technology requirements.

Customers are only loyal to your company as long as you offer them exposure to these modern innovations. Companies need first to identify the latest trends to provide their users with. With so many businesses striving to be more and more data-driven, the demand and popularity for business intelligence solutions are bound to reach newer heights.

Potential Disadvantages Of Not Implementing Correct Business Intelligence Strategy


In this day and age, where business is all about data analytics, tools like business intelligence (BI) are integral to a business’s survival. However, BI solutions should be appropriately integrated to give your company an edge over the competition.

While business intelligence solutions can solve many problems such as,

  • Limited access to the data
  • Performance management
  • Time wastage in creating Multiple Systems
  • Only IT teams could develop Custom Reports

Business intelligence offers can also have a fair share of disadvantages in a few cases as well. In this blog, our goal is to discuss these potential disadvantages and how a well-crafted business intelligence strategy frees you from all of them.

  1. Data Breaches

Cyberattacks have raised alarms everywhere. It is safe to say that your online data is not secure unless you do something about it. The biggest challenge that any data analysis system faces is the risk of leaks. However, if you have a delicately designed BI strategy that ensures data security, your sensitive information will remain safe. Otherwise, any data leakage can harm your business, clients, and even employees.

  1. High Prices

Good things are never for free! Business intelligence software is usually pretty expensive. If you are a smaller company with minimal return on investment, it can be a problem for you. However, suppose you are a relatively more significant company. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the initial hiccups, such as the hardware costs and the IT staff needed to implement the software effectively.

  1. Poor Data Quality


Having so much information at your disposal in this digital age can prove to be problematic. If not handled carefully, a lot of irrelevant or unhelpful data can be fetched by your Business Intelligence tools.

  1. Employee resistance to Adoption

Unlike the rest of the potential Business intelligence solutions’ disadvantages associated with the software itself, this is on the consumers’ end. The most substantial obstacle that businesses face is their workforce not wanting to integrate business intelligence into their operations. This kills the efficiency of the BI tools as it needs to be implemented across all areas to be effective.

Employees feel insecure about such changes and need to be educated that their jobs are secure and these tools are merely put together to boost their productivity. As an employer, you may also have to take a few steps to make Business intelligence a lot easier to integrate. If you succeed at first educating the benefits of BI and then ensuring a user-friendly experience, the employees will be more than happy to adopt it.

In a nutshell:

Businesses use Business intelligence solutions to transform raw data into useful information to improve their business functionality. It helps business owners optimize business processes and recognize the latest business trends. Hazentech gives you top-quality Business intelligence solutions that add value to your company and help you deal with all your business processes by making better decisions.

Hazentech promotes enhanced operational efficiencies, increased revenues, and increased competitive edge using business intelligence solutions. Our goal is to assist companies in transforming their businesses using improved business strategies. If you have any more queries about Business intelligence solutions and their advantages, learn more at HazenTech Also, if you want us to help your business grow and increase your sales, get in touch!

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