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What And Why Outsource Litigation Support Services

Litigation support services assist law firms with complex lawsuits. Outsourcing litigation support services will enable law firms to focus more on the core operations of their current and pending cases. The kind of service offered is defined by the requirements of the law firms. This blog discusses the many areas of litigation support services and how they assist the law firm in building a stronger case by focusing on the core operations and getting more crucial insights into their claim.

Eligibility for a litigation support provider

Following are a few must-have for a litigation support service provider,

  • Strong IT knowledge & expertise.
  • Practical communication skills
  • Sublime organizational abilities
  • Exceptional critical thinking skills, and
  • Supreme attention to detail

What services do Litigation support services provide?


Legal experts at Hazentech can offer a wide range of litigation support services, including economic damages issues. These services cover all the bases from assisting in the file litigation deciding process and continuing throughout the “pre-trial, trial prep, and trial processes.” The goal of any law firm behind outsourcing is to benefit from a series of technology-based, budget-friendly, and result-oriented services.

Following are a few examples from the broad range of services that litigation support providers have to offer,

  • Electronic Court Filing
  • Demand Letters Drafting
  • Legal Calendaring Services
  • Electronic Check Processing
  • Email Processing

Let’s discuss each of the services mentioned above in detail.

  • Electronic Court Filing:

Litigation support services offered by Hazentech offer a very painless online electronic court filing system. Their job is to transform the legal document digitally, so it is easy to access files for any particular case. These service providers have excellent knowledge and experience of these court proceedings as they file millions of documents every year.

Hazentech offers its client a confidentiality system that permits data access to authorized persons only.

The most significant advantage of outsourcing electronic court filing is that law firms don’t send attorneys on a physical trip to court. Thus, the saved time and energy can be utilized in gaining more valuable insights into the case. Consequently, when technology and critical case experts work together, proof of service is achieved more quickly and efficiently.

Demand Letter Drafting:


Legal experts at Hazentech are highly skilled at analyzing the case file and the records and preparing a thorough demand letter. There are two advantages of outsourcing the demand letter drafting,

  • It offers a time-zone advantage
  • Cost-efficient solution

The cost is saved as demand letter drafting helps you avoid the cost of legal fees, which is a significant relief. Litigation service providers prepare the demand letter, including medical billing coders, and can even take care of the burden of litigation through out-of-court settlements.

Legal Calendaring Services:

Having easy access to your schedule over the internet allows you to create functional multi-user access calendars. This is quite useful, especially when you are working in a team. Legal calendaring services also include providing automated email confirmations of meetings or other plans.

The client shares his instructions via outlook, and then the team of litigation support providers schedules the legal hearing events on the client’s profile. Attorneys and law firms rely heavily on these calendaring services and thus must outsource to litigation providers to let the experts do the work to avoid any hiccups.

The most significant advantage that these legal calendaring services offer to a law firm is filtering the data by case or date. Managing and keeping up with the updated witness lists can be a challenge otherwise. Such an automated system allows you to set intuitive timers and keep track of your time. This is the most convenient way of staying connected to your work and clients on the go.

Electronic Check Processing:

The last thing that a law firm wants to deal with is the late payments and dealing with the bounced checks and drafts. This is where litigation service providers come into play as they ensure timely payments and free you from the troubles related to bounced checks.

Outsourcing check processing and verification free you of the quick adaptability required to meet the ever-changing client needs.

Email Processing:

Attorneys and law firms have so much on their plate that processing thousands of emails is nearly impossible for them. Hazentech can do that for you; our team of experts can read the emails from designated accounts and process them and their respective attachments. Thus, what you get is a carefully assorted list of tons of emails in relevant cases.

Outsourcing email processing minimizes a law firm’s workload by processing hundreds of emails. The goal is to save the attorney’s time in data retrieval, and thus the documents are correctly labeled for easy retrieval. If the documents are properly named and tagged, they facilitate easy to search, which can be a cost-efficient solution in many cases.

Litigation support services at HazenTech:


HazenTech takes immense pride in its large clientele and deals in all of these services, as mentioned above. If you are considering outsourcing any of the following services, get in touch with Hazentech and let us assist you in building a strong case,

  • Filling out legal information for a case,
  • Assigning relevant attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants,
  • Emails Processing,
  • Uploading and managing relevant documents on a cloud-based platform.

Wrapping Up:

Hazentech offers a highly trained workforce at an affordable rate. Our team of litigation support services offers support for every part of the litigation process. You can always ask for a customized package where you only have to pay for the staff and services you need.

Outsourcing litigation support services can make the life of an attorney a lot easier. A team of properly trained individuals with high intellectual capabilities can be an asset to any law firm.

Our litigation support services provide cost-effective service. They assure high-quality services that enhance the productivity of your company. Visit our website to know how our services can help you HazenTech

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