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Litigation Support Services

We are helping our clients save costs by providing back-office support at every stage of litigation support services in the United States.


Accurate, Secure, and Timely Services

Litigation support services are a cost-effective and productive solution, and HazenTech is the leading provider. We have experienced and skilled experts who deliver high-quality services. Our efficient litigation support services in the United States provide you with timely work at less cost. Moreover, we help in the overall revenue expansion and business performance system.

Pretrial Calendaring

We help law firms in creating their meeting schedule considering their instructions and availability.

Legal Documents Review

We Review procedures by going through the files to help in establishing a verdict.

Daily Email Processing

We process tons of emails from law firms daily in management software efficiently and effectively.

Demand Letter

Our experts will help you draft a demand letter by finding the amount the insurance still owes to the Plaintiff. We also process and review the responses from the insurance company.


We make the work get paperless by filing cases electronically and eliminating the hassle of physically visiting the court.

Maintaining Financial Records

Our experts associate checks in relevant accounts with high-level accuracy. We cross-check the name and the date on which the statement was received and processed.

Litigation Support Services that Best Meet Your Need

With HazenTech as your partner, you can access efficient and economical litigation support services within a fast turnaround time. Since our experts work around the clock, there will be no delays in your work. Apart from making huge savings on cost, our litigation support services team can efficiently handle your back-office work. We can help you with several legal process outsourcing services.

Effective Approach to Speed Up Legal Processes 

Our highly experienced team has a solid grip on all the process-related matters so we can save your precious time handling the legal work. We have efficiently carried out large-scale and complicated document reviews, demand letters, case filing, calendaring, and scheduling. Our team processes hundreds of emails daily while catering to various industries of the highest quality. 

2x Increase in Profitability  

HazenTech can accelerate your business functions and help improve profitability by lowering the cost of resources. Our team saves your valuable time during the litigation process, resulting in faster processes. Meanwhile, your team can start working on other projects to double your profit margin and improve the customer experience.  

Productive and Cost Saving Framework 

Litigation Support Services at HazenTech offers a result-oriented and reliable solution that enables your team to concentrate on other essential matters. Our team regularly updates their data, so we are always aware of the latest legal industry changes, which is why our solution ensures time and cost-efficiency at the client’s end. Our team ensures complete confidentiality of your data and all the legal papers so that you always feel like we are one team.  

Litigation Support Services
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Experience and expedite your caseload by working with HazenTech experienced legal team.

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Get your legal homework done

You have much information to move through the legal system. Our litigation support services in United States offerings include data discovery, forensics, and court submission solutions, managed review services to help you organize, analyze and present case materials as efficiently as possible.

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Best supporting infrastructure

As top litigation support services in the United States, we have a great infrastructure that delivers top-notch services as we have access to uninterrupted network services, world-class office spaces, and the latest litigation support tools and technologies. We can scale up the service requirements as and when the client needs them.

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Our Litigation Support Services Testimonial

“We are thrilled to partner up with HazenTech, which they proved as the top litigation support services in the United States. They have been a delight to work with. They are all incredibly responsive, and it’s clear that they have well-established workflows and that your teams all communicate well internally. We also appreciate that you look for confirmation and clarification on all nuances since (as we all know in this business) it is all too easy to make assumptions that end up not being correct. It’s a pleasure working with HazenTech.”



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