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Perks Of Outsourcing Litigation Support Services

Any successful litigation support services provider relies on creating rigorous consultation projects tailored to a business’s specific needs. Their principal objective is to assist law firms with complex lawsuits by building, reviewing and maintaining documents. This blog discusses the potential advantages of hiring a litigation support provider such as HazenTech.

What Is The Benefit Of Outsourcing Litigation Support Services?

The domain of litigation support is one of the most prevalent uses for outsourcing. Legal practitioners and organizations can concentrate on their competence areas, such as legal considerations while assigning litigation support service providers routine tasks. Outsourcing tasks like document assembling, data collecting and analysis, and report preparation allow legal professionals to focus on the more important issues at hand.

When selecting an outsourcing partner, be sure they have the necessary experience to complete your tasks successfully.

Litigation Support Services And Law Firms:

Litigation services are legal professionals who help speed up judicial proceedings. They provide attorneys with legal support in the form of additional employees to help them prepare cases in a shorter amount of time. Litigation services’ flexible services enable them to provide additional workers as needed, allowing court hearings to run smoothly. Lawyers have a lot of things to complete, and they often have to do it in a short amount of time to prepare a case. Litigation support services providers offer legal counsel to help speed up judicial proceedings.

  • Litigation service professionals work with lawyers or independent teams to provide expert assistance.
  • They help their clients in preparing the case against their opponents.
  • They are highly qualified in litigation support, proofreading, and editing.

You can talk to them about your situation and ask for solutions to help you. They can assist you in preparing a compelling case to defend your rights. You can look at their previous case studies and client feedback to understand how they work.

Once you’ve decided which litigation support firm to engage, go over the terms and conditions of their contract in detail, so you know how much you’ll have to pay them and when they’ll be able to help you with your case.

Why Do Law Firms Outsource Legal Work?

Why Do Law Firms Outsource Legal Work

Outsourcing helps businesses focus on other operations elements while also gaining access to global talent. For example, if a small firm requires assistance translating documents for an upcoming trade fair, the company could outsource the work to a translation agency.

First and foremost, cost savings are widely seen as the primary benefit of outsourcing. It is less expensive. Outsourcing also gives you a fresh lease on life with a higher degree of production.

However, in addition to these advantages, Litigation support services providers today have a global presence. They aid in scaling up and maximizing the use of all available resources.

  • Service providers also provide direct help and consultation.
  • You can improve operational efficiency and productivity, as well as your entire case management system.

What Services Are Provided By Litigation Support Services?

Although retaining experts can be costly, it is worth it when compared to the alternative of hiring a trial team with no prior experience in this type of case. Practical legal assistance can result in a better settlement and, in many situations, a victory in your case.

Legal specialists offer a surprising range of litigation support services for cases involving economic damages. These services assist clients before they file a lawsuit and continue throughout the pre-trial, preparation, and trial stages.

According to legal experts, engaging back-office service professionals to provide these crucial services for law firms and attorneys improves the efficacy of company valuation and damages-related support. Litigation support is the most comprehensive set of benefits available to law firms. They help with every step of the legal procedure, from case e-filing to demand letters and legal case correspondence and document evaluation.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Legal Services Provided By Litigation Support:

Let's Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Legal Services Provided By Litigation Support

The legal profession uses litigation support to support litigation and damages concerns. After using litigation support services to analyze evidence and develop cases, attorneys and paralegals are free to focus on their clients’ essential tasks. The duties of today’s law companies have grown. That is why they are seeking assistance from litigation support services.

  • These services can assist you before you decide to file a lawsuit and throughout the pre-trial, preparation, and trial stages.
  • Law firms recognize that hiring back improves the efficacy of company valuation and damages-related support.

Litigation support services serve as a helpful link between the legal profession and business valuation experts who do economic damages analyzes. When it comes to establishing strong court cases, litigation support has a track record of success. They can also assist you in winning your case! Let’s look at some of the legal services given by litigation support in more detail:

Electronic Court Filing:

Filing documents in court can be a real nuisance, especially if you have to do it by hand. On the other hand, electronic court filing makes the procedure more manageable for everyone concerned.

  • Litigation support is an online electronic court filing system that is quick and easy to use.
  • Every year, they file millions of paperwork.
  • They assist in the digital transformation of legal papers, making files more accessible.
  • They also have extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

When presenting cases to courts, trial lawyers are frequently obliged to produce documents. However, if they do not submit their work on time, they may be subject to court penalties. On the other hand, legal practitioners can use e-filing services like those offered by Hazenntech to file documents swiftly and efficiently.

Writing a Demand Letter:

A litigation support services provider’s demand letter writing services assist you in keeping track of all data and papers in the case. They can also help you draft a demand letter, a formal letter that requests acknowledgment, compensation, and an apology for damages committed by a person or a company.

  • Litigation support companies employ qualified professionals to examine the case file and data and draft a detailed demand letter.
  • Demand letter drafting saves you money on legal bills and the stress of litigation by allowing you to settle out of court.

Legal Calendaring Services:

Legal calendaring is a web-based application that allows you to view your schedule and create events. Legal calendaring services provide you with online access to your calendar and schedule. The calendar will allow you to construct multi-user calendars with functionality and send automated email confirmations of plans or meetings.

  • Legal calendaring services provide you with online access to your calendar and schedule.
  • It allows you to establish timers with ease and keeps track of your progress.
  • It also sends out automated email confirmations of meetings or plans.

There are also more advanced tools that allow you to handle many cases’ schedules at once. This is particularly useful if you work for a law firm.

Electronic Check Processing:

The quickest and most effortless approach to finishing your transactions is electronic check processing. They operate as your go-between, obtaining information and making payments on your behalf.

  • They offer electronic check processing services, ensuring timely payments and avoiding the headaches of failed checks.
  • They are prepared to handle any check processing requirements.

They will pay on your behalf, but only if you provide accurate information. They will not pay if the information is incorrect, and you will be responsible for correcting the problem before receiving any money.

Legal Documents Review:

The option for lawyers to assess the matter is provided through legal document review. The team examines the documents for gaps and confirms that the evidence is correctly documented.

  • A thorough analysis of data and documents related to the client’s request is legal documents review.
  • The back-office services team rigorously proofreads all the papers.

The legal document review service guarantees that attorneys have a strong case against their opponents and help to avoid any inaccuracies that could lead to future problems. It also aids in the timely submission of materials, even if additional delays arise due to unforeseen situations.

Email Processing:

The processing of emails is a crucial aspect of the litigation process. It speeds up the attorney’s job while lowering the fees charged to the client. Thousands of emails can be sorted flawlessly and effectively using this strategy.

  • The Litigation Email System reads and analyzes emails and attachments from defined accounts.
  • Thousands of emails are meticulously categorized into relevant instances.
  • They reduce an attorney’s workload by processing a large number of emails.

The program is dependable, efficient, and simple to use. It can filter all documents, including those that have been removed. The system can handle any document.

In The Event Of A Covid-19 Pandemic, Litigation Support Services:

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy, and law firms are not immune. Like many other organizations, law firms are adjusting their crisis management plans as soon as possible to deal with the outbreak. However, several businesses are beginning from scratch due to the virus’s quick spread.

Several law firms have enjoyed stable revenue growth as they provide legal counsel for businesses. Still, they are faced with the issue of getting more work done with fewer workers.

Work from Home Policy:

Working from home has become a requirement due to the epidemic forcing companies to close their physical offices. Law companies guarantee that employees access the technology they need to complete their tasks and stay engaged while working remotely.

  • Law companies and court proceedings have not halted their operations and have moved the majority of their workflow to the cloud, accessible via the internet.
  • Legal firms enlist litigation services to take care of the complete case from start to finish.

Working from home isn’t a new concept for lawyers, but it’s become more prevalent in recent years as more companies enable remote employees. One of the most significant advantages of permitting telecommuting attorneys is that it can save law companies considerable money in office space, utilities, and other overhead expenditures. Allowing lawyers to work from home also helps minimize stress and burnout by choosing their hours.

Increase In Demand:

Litigation support is a service provided by legal firms to their clients. Litigation support’s primary goal is to give lawyers and clients legal advice. Lawful processing is expanding at an alarming rate worldwide, as is the demand for legal services.

The Advantages of Hiring Litigation Support:

The Advantages of Hiring Litigation Support

Litigation support services are available at all stages of the legal process, including pre-litigation, discovery, and trial. These services assist you in staying on top in today’s hyper-competitive world. Attorneys are incredibly busy and have hectic schedules.

The most astonishing thing about litigation support companies is that they offer an all-encompassing strategy to managing your case’s difficulties. A reputable provider has qualified personnel and resources at its disposal. Furthermore, they are less expensive than hiring individuals or using freelance services. Most importantly, they effectively offer you high-quality assistance that will assist you in winning your case.

Deals With Difficult Cases:

Litigation support experts handle complex situations efficiently and adequately. They have highly qualified staff who can meet all standards while maintaining quality and adhering to deadlines.

Each project is assigned to a different team of employees who meticulously process and file the documents under the client’s specifications. For example, the Demand Log team checks bills, ledgers, EOBs, and clinic files to identify the amount in dispute, enabling the writing and delivery of a demand letter to the insurance company.

Data Management:

The litigation services are constantly updated on the most recent legal developments. Litigation service providers organize and maintain information securely and make it accessible at the touch of a button. The litigation team oversees legal paperwork for CP, such as discovery and motions to compel.

Tackle A Variety Of Tasks:

While providing exemplary service to your clients, you’ll have to juggle various tasks, from successfully managing your time and resources to managing the workload of multiple divisions within your company. As a result, you might find yourself working longer shifts than usual.

When you’re drowning in paperwork: It’s time to enlist some assistance if you have stacks of documents piling up on your desk and file cabinets. Litigation support services may assist you in clearing up all of this clutter in your office so you can focus on more critical issues like document management and data file management.

Workload Balance:

Every legal practice has the challenge of managing workloads while remaining focused on its primary business. This frequently necessitates them focusing on issues that are vital to their clients but not necessarily to the organization’s health.

By reducing the workload of your workers, your firm will be able to take on more cases in the future. They also help with burnout and stress reduction. They allow you to focus on vital things to your primary business.


In-house legal teams aren’t always the most efficient. Litigation support firms are more efficient than in-house legal departments. You can save money by not employing someone to do these things for you, and you won’t be under any pressure or stress. They specialize in litigation support and specialize in what they do, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck.

Litigation support services providers are experts in their profession and focus on a single area, ensuring you get the most bang for your dollars. Transform data into a well-organized database.

The massive amount of unorganized data is the most significant difficulty facing law firms worldwide. Litigation support companies take on the difficult task of filtering through all legal documents and constructing a database with only the most pertinent information about the case.

Patient papers are obtained from clinic websites by the litigation team. They go over bills and payments and calculate them. They then calculate payments using documentation received from clinic websites. They then upload all of the cases to ATO (Aderant Total Office) and enter the law firm’s details to deliver demand letters as soon as possible.

Speedy Services:

These days, matters are handled quickly, efficiently and effectively. The services offered aim to provide clients with the best possible results promptly. Various organizations offer expert legal services that can aid you in quickly creating and filing your documents to the court.

They have real-world litigation experience and expertise. They enable you to benefit from more flexible and quicker responses to critical support services. In ongoing circumstances, they provide better client support and more predictable outcomes.

Selecting The Best Litigation Service Support Provider:

Selecting The Best Litigation Service Support Provider

Choosing the ideal litigation support might be challenging because you must consider both their skills and personality features. Although prior litigation experience is valuable, it differs from other legal experts.

When determining which litigation support service is ideal for you, many aspects to consider, it’s time to delve further now that you have a general knowledge of the essentials and a list of potential providers.

Before choosing a support provider, consider the following factors:

  • A lack of data security
  • Costs that are not readily apparent
  • relevant Resources
  • Experience in the industry
  • Legal knowledge

Why Should You Choose HazenTech As Your Business Partner?

For more than a decade, HazenTech has assisted legal practitioners in digitizing, sorting, and organizing their records. Our workforce is set and ready to take on any papers you pass over to us, with hundreds of trained full-time coders. Our personnel is granted access to the most up-to-date legal coding technology after signing non-disclosure agreements so that we may provide the maximum value to our clients. As a lawyer, you understand how important it is to have the appropriate documentation in your case. In comparison, you’re fully aware of the numerous advantages of digitizing your documents, improved organization and accessibility.

HazenTech is dedicated to providing our clients with the most technologically sophisticated, forward-thinking, and professional document coding services possible. You can focus on what you do best now that HazenTech is on board: providing excellent legal services. Our team will ensure that your client’s files are well-organized, safe, and easily accessible at all times and locations.

How Does HazenTech Deal With Difficult Cases:

Litigation support professionals handle complicated cases with competence and efficiency. They have highly qualified employees who can satisfy all criteria while preserving quality and meeting deadlines. The legal profession is fighting technology in this day and age, and a law company must have a strong internet presence to succeed. If your website isn’t up-to-date with your latest news, case findings, or other helpful client information, you’re losing business.

  • It lowers labor costs while increasing corporate margins.
  • Each project is assigned to personnel who methodically process and file the papers according to the client’s specifications.


Law firms and attorneys who outsource their legal staff might use HazenTech’s litigation support services. Our services include document review and collection, procedures review, expert review, e-discovery and document generation, virtual case management, and technology help.

Customers have come to us for help with situations worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Our main goal is to help our clients concentrate on their core practice areas while taking care of the rest.

HazenTech strives to be the premier litigation support provider on the market. We have provided seamless and straightforward solutions to our client’s thanks to many highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Our unwavering commitment ensures that our customers are entirely happy. HazenTech strives to be the market leader in litigation support services, thanks to its knowledgeable workforce and steadfast commitment to its customers.

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